Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is a unique healing modality created by Steve Richards. As an Australian Aboriginal descendant, he has been teaching this modality in Australia since 2000 and in Europe since 2012. This advanced method is in constant evolution backed by more than 50 years of research conducted by its founder. Steve Richards was awarded with the Life Awards, Certificate of Commendation by the Australian Suicide Prevention Unit in 2005 and nominated in 2005 and 2006 for the Human Rights Medal and in 2007 as Australian of the Year, in recognition of the results of his work.

Holographic Kinetic Therapy Technique explains, deepens and gives access to the Dreamtime Healing, the wisdom at the heart of the Australian Aborigines’ culture, who have been living in harmony with nature for more than 60,000 years.

Dreamtime Healing, an Aboriginal ancestral knowledge.

The word holographic comes from the Greek words holos meaning « whole » and graphein meaning « to write ». So in the word holographic this translates as meaning « all information is stored in each part ». At our body’s level, this means that in the vibratory level of every cell exists, in our lifetime, the memory of all past events and the inheritance passed down from the mother, the father and all ancestors through the genetic line.

« Man is a hologram of time. »

Steve Richards

The word kinetics comes from the ancient Greek word kinêtikos meaning « in motion », this refers to the constant movement of free flowing universal energy.

To summarize, the work of Holographic Kinetics is about releasing the energy captured within memories recorded in each cell of a person in connection with a specific situation and returning to a harmonious state of equilibrium within the past dimension and its circles of similarity through time.

This is achieved by direct communication with the spirit, the subtle life force, the true essence, of every being regardless of its physical form, which is projected into the internal « hyper-space », in other words, a meta-dimension through which any memory can be accessed.

Thus one can see clearly how the original cause of the effects experienced in the present, is coming from a past event in this lifetime, even sometimes further back to an inter-generational trauma genetically transmitted, or it could also refer to a still active memory that has been initially created in a past life.

Balance and emotional health can be restored by releasing and clearing the crystallized energy captured inside a memory.

« In your authenticity to yourself, in your courage to acknowledge and take responsibility for your creations, and in your conscious will to look and act beyond the limitations you have made yours up to this point, reside your true strength and ability to manifest your life as you truly wish it. »

Aline Mollat

Origins of the method

For each creation universal balance brings an equal opposite.

« The futur lies in the knowledge of the past. »

Steve Richards

Holographic Kinetic Therapy Technique comes from the ancestral Aboriginal knowledge known as Lore, itself inseparable from the Aboriginal vision of the world through the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime can be described as the internal reality that governs the external reality manifested in matter, everything in the universe being based on a law of equilibrium which provides for each creation its opposite.

Each creation is both unique and alive in nature, be it our planet itself, as well as any form of life to which it can give birth : human beings, animals, trees, plants, stones, water sources,... all have a spirit, a life force of their own, with which it is possible to communicate.

We can also say that every thought, emotion, word, or act, is alive in the sense that once created it has its own evolution, itself governed by the conditions and the intention which are at the origin of its manifestation.

« Beware of your thoughts as they create universes of reality. »

Steve Richards


« The universe allows man to create any creation he wants to experience, it does not judge, it does not blame, it does not create guilt, but it does have laws. »

Steve Richards

Lore means universal knowledge and is a set of metaphysical laws transmitted from generation to generation within Aboriginal culture.

In particular, Lore states that :

« Man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action and no man can escape the cycles of their dimension of time. »

Steve Richards

So what you suffer from can be considered the result of a unique set of thoughts, emotions, actions and decisions experienced during a past situation, created by no one but you. These have disturbed your inner balance and have crystallized as a memory that continues to express itself in different contexts and in repetitive cycles of the original situation.

Every creation is alive and manifests itself through circles of similarity to its origin through time.

According to this model, we talk about different dimensions reproducing themselves as fractals of the initial dimension that is the original cause of the symptom present today and which is the one that we access during a session.

Thus, a Holographic Kinetics session allows one to rebalance the imbalances generated by the law of cause and effect, from the original creation of internal realities that have captured the free flow of universal energy.

Working with this modality requires, first and foremost, acknowledgement and acceptance of full responsibility for one's problems and suffering. One can only act on ones' own creations to bring change and not on the creations of another.

« No one can change a created reality other than the creator of that reality. »

« He who enters the dimension of another is subject to the laws of that dimension. »

« Man is a multidimensional being in a multidimensional world.»

Steve Richards

Spirit, Soul, Ego, Interferences

Your spirit is the most subtle part of you, immaterial and made of light exclusively, the part of you that does not die but evolves constantly, simply changing the physical vehicle during different existences.

Your soul, imprinted in your physical body, is defined within the framework of Holographic Kinetics as the set of all cellular memories, programming and belief systems and emotional reactions, received at birth through your DNA and its vibratory field as an inheritance of your paternal and maternal ancestral genetic lines or acquired as the sum of different environmental influences in this lifetime.

Your ego is made up of a set of mental adaptative defenses, which work in the form of thoughts whose goal is to block the authentic feeling of your suppressed emotions as they were considered too painful or destructive to experience.

Finally, the creation of past imbalances within different dimensions of time could constitute trauma and acceptance into your energetic field, of interferences parasitizing it. With Holographic Kinetics it is possible to free yourself from such inter-dimensional interferences by closing the breaches which allowed their intrusion. By withdrawing your consent from further interaction with these interferences, you can remain clear for the future.

For more information about this approach : Steve Richards' website

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