Holographic Kinetics session : 2h/140 euros

Pre-consultation or supportive session : 1h/70 euros

The full fee is payable for all cancellations within 48 hours of our appointment time.

About the session itself

As the client, you lie comfortably with eyes closed on a massage table for the duration of the session. Thoughts, emotions and sensations that surface related to the issues brought to the session are expressed out loud. There is no alteration or any interference to consciousness in any part of the session, as it can be the case in hypnosis for example. On the contrary you are fully aware from the beginning to the end and you speak for yourself with free will.

A Holographic Kinetics session

The practitioner simply facilitates the dialogue between your spirit and your conscious self so that you can fully integrate the original cause of your issues. This process is manifested by guiding you, in direct conversation, to the precise moment in time and space at the root of it, determined through a kinetic arm test.

It is therefore an approach that totally respects your autonomy and your integrity, as the unique creator of your internal realities, whatever they are. Everything that takes place during a session is subject to confidentiality.

A three-phase cycle

We can distinguish three interconnected phases in any change approach, which function as a system:

The first and most important phase concerns your guiding intention, the one that triggers your choice to make an appointment and the commitment you make to yourself and to the practitioner through this decisive step.

The second phase corresponds to the Holographic Kinetics session itself.

The third phase is finally about the integration of the changes put in place during the session through your increased awareness. It consists of :

The whole universe is moving through circles and spirals within time and space.

- a time of physical and global integration, varying from one person to another, over a period of about 24 to 48 hours.

- and a second period, also varying according to the individual, during which to consolidate the changes you've created for yourself during the session, that are in alignment with the choices you wish to take forward.

In addition, one hour consultation sessions are available :

- either before making an appointment for a Holographic Kinetics session, to establish contact, to ask any questions or to gain support in formulating the issues to be worked on during the session proper ;

- or subsequent to the Holographic Kinetics session to support the integration of the changes made.

These particular type of consultations take place at my office and also by phone or videoconferencing via Framatalk or Zoom. Take note that money transfer must be ordered at the latest the day before our appointment and remember to keep me informed by email when it has been done.

Holographic Kinetics sessions are never given online but in person only.

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