As a psychologist, I worked initially in various institutions and was involved in projects within the public health services. In 2012, I decided to practise privately in order to work with patients with an integrative approach, using different modalities (integrative therapy, support for natural balance, traditional relaxation massage). I encountered Holographic Kinetics in 2017 and my decision to train and work with this modality extends my journey through an intuitive and holistic vision of human exitence.

Life is an everlasting journey of discovery and exploration of oneself.

Mastery of this modality requires constant training from the practitioner in order to become evermore effective through the integration with his own spirit and the refinement of his own authenticity.

From the client's point of view, the results obtained will be proportional to his or her intention and willingness to change. The client is invited to enter into an authentic intuitive dialogue, that is without seeking to interfere mentally in the process.

Every healing path is an adventure and the result of multiple encounters, with the variables that are attached to them. Like everything in life, healing comes from exchanges and reflections experienced with another, instructive and in constant evolution.

My personal intention is to practise Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics in deep respect for its ethics and integrity, with humility and gratitude for what I have been taught. This is still at the heart of my evolution.

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